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Never let yourself fall into the trap of defending a freedom if the person begging the question hasn't offered their explanation as to why the freedom shouldn't exist.

"I am happy to offer a rebuttal to your reasoning for banning x" is a great way to force a conservative troll to give up that they have no valid arguments. They wouldn't start with questions if they had answers.

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Conservatives fighting their dumb culture wars love the question "Why should x be allowed?"

The only acceptable answer is "Because we live in a free society and nobody has presented a rational, truthful, constitutional, or democratically agreeable reason for why x should be banned."

We don't live in a country of allowances, we live in a country of freedoms, and the burden of answering questions on whether or not something should be allowed lies with those that wish to implement a ban.

Deleted my Lemmy account. It's a solid Reddit alternative, but it's a little too much like Reddit now.

I mean, it's nice to have an ad-free federated Reddit alternative with numerous third party frontends, but it just feels, you know, full of Redditors...

All of his recent videos look like this starting on 4/19, but prior to that he was actually digitizing them correctly instead of pointing a camera at himself.

Not sure what prompted the change in style here...

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Shout-out to this young mutton-chopped archivist on @internetarchive who has no idea how to digitize a VHS tape.

One day the future will know what it was like to watch a few minutes of a VHS tape together with FlickaLova2000.

The problem with capitalism is that this headline is representative of the average person's understanding of economics.

"Free as in beer" means "gratis"? C'mon now, 99.9% of the beers I've had in my life cost me money. I propose we start saying "Free as in air". Air hasn't really ever cost me anything, and climate change hasn't changed that yet.

"Free as in speech" at least makes sense.

Posting this from a laptop running NetBSD 10. I have very little understanding of what I am doing here, but at least I got this far.

I did an image search to see if anyone had done a photoshop of such a silly thing, and I absolutely was not prepared for this... (NSFW)

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Audio cable standards should NEVER change. I demand a cell phone with a 6.35mm headphone jack.

So the timestamps seem weird, and the Irish Sun says the plane was coming from Venice, so either this happened more than once yesterday, or the sources reporting on it are mistaken.

But EI0169 from LHR to DUB yesterday absolutely aborted landing on the runway with me on it yesterday.

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The vulnerability really has me feeling good about not living on the bleeding edge. I'm sure there's still some risk of a terrible backdoor somewhere in Debian or Ubuntu that hasn't been found yet, but at least there's a much higher chance of someone catching it before it bites me.

Only thing of mine that was affected was my Termux installations on my Android devices, something I never use for SSH anyway.

Since this post about "Remnants" by Alcatraz has gotten some circulation, there might be some people who are somewhat confused about what is going on.

- The video shows execution of a computer program that is total 256 characters long (this comment alone is multiple times longer!). All the visuals on screen are produced by this program in real time.

- #Demoscene is a hacker subculture producing cool stuff just for fun. A more detailed introduction can be found from:

- #Demoparty is (typically) annual gathering of demosceners. There are multiple different parties, of which "Revision" in Saarbrücken, Germany is considered the "main event" by most. During demoparties there are competitions in various categories (music, graphics, video, realtime executed presentations called demos and smaller demos called "intros", other categories are often included as well). This small program "Remnants" competed in 256-byte intro category (the executable program can be maximum 256 bytes long).

- Even more in-depth explanation can be found from this documentary: "Moleman 2 - Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms" - (enable subtitles!)

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Of course, I live in a touristy place (Seattle), so sometimes it's nice to just learn about a new place that only has a footnote a travel guild.

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A co-worker of mine couldn't believe I was going to . He's from there, never heard of Revision, and just didn't imagine anyone would go for fun.

Personally, I like the less touristy places.

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As a side note to , Saarbrücken, DE is a great place. Even on Easter Weekend, when everything is mostly closed, I got to see a lot of cool things outside of the .

Saarbrücken Castle was pretty cool, it is mostly a community center now but the Saar Museum next door let's you explore the now-capped castle moat, which was awesome. There's also some pretty serious history to learn there.

And lots of incredible old buildings/churches to admire.

Looking forward to returning.

Probably the single most impressive entry from the #Revision2024 #demoparty : Remnants by Alcatraz

Here's the whole intro executable for your convenience:




#demoscene #sizecoding

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