My greatest online honor (if you Google me).

Very proud of how thoroughly I've scrubbed myself from the web. Perfect opportunity for a rebrand!

Sometimes I'm worried the Internet has made me stupid. I've been trying to find an old book that is entirely too expensive to buy, but nobody has a digital copy of it to download. I've dug through every place I could think of looking for a scan (LibGen, Internet Archive, etc.).

Turns out the library down the street has it. I forgot about those...

I've been working on a Demoscene website. Massaged some data from a Pouet data dump and wrote some javascript that generates YouTube playlists of ~50 videos.

It's a work in progress, but I keep visiting my own site because it's a content goldmine.

And yes, there's Pouet TV, but mine's different, I promise.

Check it out:

Thinking about building my own homebrew Zoom Meeting Interrotron. Stare my meeting participants right in their eyes.

marios ass from super mario odyssey has more triangles than the entirety of super mario 64

I am further haunted that someone who actually wants to work for Amazon, who made it all the way through the interview process and got a job offer, would accept the offer with something as impersonal as a one-line auto-response from their phone's notifications.

Maybe this is a subtle way Google tries to sabotage Amazon's recruitment, as if Amazon's work culture wasn't enough.

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Amazon just sent me an email about a job opening, and I'm not interested in it at all, but I did accidentally fat-finger the Gmail auto-response for "I accept this position", so I think I might work for Amazon now.

There is a French company, Archos, that had the bad luck of inventing the future a little too early multiple times.

The first time was the Archos Jukebox, which they released in 2000. It was basically a hardware MP3 wrapped around a 2.5" 6GB hard drive. That was absolutely massive capacity at the time. (The original iPod, released more than a year later, only stored 5GB.)

Like most digital music players, it got absolutely clobbered by the iPod.

Check out this desktop screenshot of mine from 2005.

I have always been an advocate for using anonymous accounts online to keep your personal life and the online masses separate.

But those accounts are always just a temptation for me to argue and get frustrated with others, so I am now deleting most of my anonymous/pseudonymous identity for the sake of being a healthier person.

Expect me more here. I like how Mastodon gives me completely control over my identity, and lacks the right-wing agitators that ruin social media for me generally.

Blown away by my 5G download speed. Severely disappointed in my 5G upload speed.

I was worried that being a single-user Mastodon instance would get me on some sort of block list. Like "this guy's his own mod, don't give him a chance", which is totally understandable given how people tend to abuse fediverse communities.

But so far, I can't find anyone who has my instance filtered or suspended. For this, I thank you!

And I'll continue not arguing or stirring up drama, because I don't want this to change.

Finally got around to upgrading my private instance.

I'm ALMOST to 3.5.1, I just have to figure out why I get compiler errors on the upgrade to 3.5.0.

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