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With all these new followers, it's time for a proper reintroduction.

My name is Alex, I live in Seattle, and I am Product Support Specialist in the NetSec sector.

On Mastodon you'll generally find me talking about music, retrocomputing, demoscene, and leftist politics.

I've been on Mastodon for a couple of years now, but it hasn't been my main home until now.

Looking forward to a new chapter here on the Fediverse with all of you!

Measuring my age in Hexadecimal from now on. Yeah, that's right, I'm 22.

I've been so busy working I forgot to mention, I'm in Manchester, England this week for business!

I'll have all day Saturday to do as I please, so if anyone who follows me lives in the area and wants to meet up for drinks or something, let me know. This city is fun, but having company is even more fun.

FYI to anyone interested in impersonating a bank employee.

Next week I'm traveling for work for the first time since before the Pandemic, and I'm headed to the UK!

Farthest i've travelled for work so far, and it's for a pretty exciting project too.

It's just past midnight on a Wednesday morning, and I just got ChatGPT to say the funniest thing I've ever heard it say.

We very rarely have lightnings in the Seattle area, so last night I was happy to finally capture a good show.
This shot made it to the local news (see comment).

#lightning #Seattle #Washington #PNW #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt

#Prints and various items:

Customer to IT: "They asked us to set this thing up, but we're stumped. Can we get some advice?"

#Bluesky just added algorithmic content filtering. And here I find the most obvious problem.

They give you the option to show violent hate groups.

Which means they know their platform could be used to spread hate but are offloading moderation to users and algorithms.

What can ever go wrong?

Well, it means that if people deliberately want the option to show violent political groups, Bluesky has given them the welcome mat.

And based on what happened on Twitter, we know what happens.

Since i do some introduction to demoscene content i always get a few newcomers asking me about things, this seminar by lambdacore from this years @revision_party is excellent introduction to #demoscene check it out:

I refuse to believe that anyone has actually typed "How much coffee can a cat drink before it dies?" into a search bar. This is some sort of silly GPT extrapolation.

I just wanted to know if coffee posed a risk to cats (it does). Not how much I needed to give my cat to kill her...

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Shader Showdown rounds announced. The asterisk means the person been forced to join us and will not mind being replaced by someone else at the partyplace willing to have a go at the Shader Showdown madness. #backtotheewerk #revision2023 #shadercoding #livecode @revision_party

So it turns out if you follow an extremely restrictive keto diet for three weeks, and then try to take a break by drinking beer, and eating pasta and candy, it won't work if you also walk 15 miles that day... Still in ketosis.

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