Today is the first day of real summer weather in Seattle and I'm loving it. Gonna shed these t-shirt tan lines.

I also hit my fitness goal for the summer, so I'll feel good taking my shirt off and getting a real tan.

"STANDING MY GROUND" i holler, unloading my desert eagle into the self checkout machine at walmart

like hell i'm surrendering my coupons today, communist

The supreme court said it was a first amendment constitutional right to be able to protest in front of the houses of abortion givers. Which means its a right to protest in front of anyone's home.

Day 1: Play Pistol Whip (VR)
Day 2: My ass hurts bad
Day 3: My ass still hurts
Day 4: Play Pistol Whip (VR)
Day 5: My ass hu

lol, so it turns out a Mastodon server can run out of space (of course it can).

Time to migrate stuff over to S3 so that I don't do this again. This was a rookie mistake, and I should probably feel bad.

I just saw The Big Lebowski at my neighborhood cinema, and minus my wife and I, there were like 4 other people there. Really sad because I love this cinema and more people should be buying tickets

If you live in Seattle, please check out Central Cinema. It's got great food, they show great movies, and they pay their staff a living wage. Please help keep them in business, I love them!

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

I just bought an FM radio that lets you record to a microSD card. Aliexpress buy, so it'll be delivered in a month. Should be somewhat nostalgic to record the radio.

My greatest online honor (if you Google me).

Very proud of how thoroughly I've scrubbed myself from the web. Perfect opportunity for a rebrand!

Sometimes I'm worried the Internet has made me stupid. I've been trying to find an old book that is entirely too expensive to buy, but nobody has a digital copy of it to download. I've dug through every place I could think of looking for a scan (LibGen, Internet Archive, etc.).

Turns out the library down the street has it. I forgot about those...

I've been working on a Demoscene website. Massaged some data from a Pouet data dump and wrote some javascript that generates YouTube playlists of ~50 videos.

It's a work in progress, but I keep visiting my own site because it's a content goldmine.

And yes, there's Pouet TV, but mine's different, I promise.

Check it out:

Thinking about building my own homebrew Zoom Meeting Interrotron. Stare my meeting participants right in their eyes.

marios ass from super mario odyssey has more triangles than the entirety of super mario 64

I am further haunted that someone who actually wants to work for Amazon, who made it all the way through the interview process and got a job offer, would accept the offer with something as impersonal as a one-line auto-response from their phone's notifications.

Maybe this is a subtle way Google tries to sabotage Amazon's recruitment, as if Amazon's work culture wasn't enough.

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Amazon just sent me an email about a job opening, and I'm not interested in it at all, but I did accidentally fat-finger the Gmail auto-response for "I accept this position", so I think I might work for Amazon now.

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