You try to share a link to a SharePoint item from a Teams chat, and there's this button. Take a guess what it does. Remember, this is a Microsoft product.

I found the best medical author on the Kindle store.

People have largely forgotten how awesome diagonal scanlines used to look on a CRT monitor. All my Internet friends and I used to put a layer of scanlines on our forum singatures and pfps for that extra high-tech look back in the 2000's.

Looks terrible on a modern monitor. It just worked on a CRT.

More on this: Jack Dorsey donates money to White Nationalist groups.

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I've been playing with . Despite the cryptobro user base the underlying tech is, in fact, not Blockchain based, which is nice. I like the idea of a serverless social network that stays afloat with volunteer-run relays. Very cool model.

Still, the user base is a hard sell. Here's the best description I've heard of Nostr internally, and it's not a motivator...

Jones Soda now offers a mug with Jim Jones on it.


You have to drink 25 cans of "Mary Jones" soda with 100mg THC each to be eligible.

Someone actually submitted this potato-quality AI generated image to the US copyright office.

It was rejected, because c'mon now...

Compelling shouldn't just emulate what humans can do, it should showcase the weird things that an can do uniquely.

I've been having some fun pushing to its limits. I used a "time slider" LoRA model and had it animate its travel through time.

It took 18 hours, and about $5 in cloud costs to render.

Background Music is a sample of "
for you will burn your wings upon the sun" by Black Tape for a Blue Girl, slowed down 10x.

I was reviewing the status of some of the instances I've defederated from, and I found something very funny that I missed earlier this year from an instance that was especially awful.

Whoever would have guessed that cultivating a community of Gamer Gaters, Kiwi Farmers, and other petulant sociopaths would end up backfiring, lol.

Reap what you sow, idiot.

Here's the original, now-deleted tweet. The account doesn't appear to be operated by WSP. The display name contradicts the actual username!

Absolutely absurd that they pushed this over the emergency alert system like this without even putting a press release on their website.

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Just got an Amber Alert from the Washington State Patrol that includes a bitly link to a Twitter thread. The details of the alert are included in an image with no alt text.

After logging in, I had to see an ad for dog poop before I could see additional info from law enforcement.

This is the official way we do Amber Alerts in Washington State.

Just watched Bing endorse a random third party web security tool, citing as a source, confusing it for Microsoft's own Windows Defender software.

This is fine, I'm sure.

Time to find out how shelf stable they really are.

This screenshot will temporarily teleport your brain back to 2004. Use with caution.

People will make stuff like this and call it "art". smh...

I ordered a swamp cooler to help deal with this summer heat, but now I worry it might have chosen one that was too big. Should have looked at their marketing materials before I hit buy.

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