I've slowed down on the programming practice now that the weather is nice and I want to be outside more, but I'm chugging along.

One month into Codecademy, and I've covered more than I expected. Strengthening old skills, and gaining new ones.

Started with the Command Line class to see how the lessons were taught, and ended up learning a few shortcuts that I apparently never taught myself.

Now I'm comfortable enough to goof off with Python a bit.

I need to keep myself focused and try to double down over the next month.

Playing around with Blender. No idea what I'm doing, mind you, but I made this somehow.

Wipeout came out in 1995, and is set in 2052.

That means we're 45.6% of the way to getting to judge its accuracy.

The ability to be a no-code tech worker is pretty neat, but I know I would do better to actually learn how to code.

This is me right now:

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I can't wait until I can just keep a running cache of every kilobit of data that enters or exits my home network.

Perseverence took this picture of it's heat shield a split second after it separated during entry.

Very proud of my web-scraping server for staying booted up for an entire year. I was still going to the office when I turned this thing on.

Fun fact: The camera is still unsecured at the same IP I found it at.

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Found an unsecured camera in Russia early last year. Witnessed some shady business.

Bottle of wine with an NFC top - AKA: how to get nerds to visit your vineyard's website.

Actually, it still starts off on just as much of an unintentionally funny note.

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Considering watching this, but somehow I doubt the show is going to be as funny as this preview.

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