My greatest online honor (if you Google me).

Very proud of how thoroughly I've scrubbed myself from the web. Perfect opportunity for a rebrand!

Thinking about building my own homebrew Zoom Meeting Interrotron. Stare my meeting participants right in their eyes.

Check out this desktop screenshot of mine from 2005.

Blown away by my 5G download speed. Severely disappointed in my 5G upload speed.

I've slowed down on the programming practice now that the weather is nice and I want to be outside more, but I'm chugging along.

One month into Codecademy, and I've covered more than I expected. Strengthening old skills, and gaining new ones.

Started with the Command Line class to see how the lessons were taught, and ended up learning a few shortcuts that I apparently never taught myself.

Now I'm comfortable enough to goof off with Python a bit.

I need to keep myself focused and try to double down over the next month.

Playing around with Blender. No idea what I'm doing, mind you, but I made this somehow.

Wipeout came out in 1995, and is set in 2052.

That means we're 45.6% of the way to getting to judge its accuracy.

The ability to be a no-code tech worker is pretty neat, but I know I would do better to actually learn how to code.

This is me right now:

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I can't wait until I can just keep a running cache of every kilobit of data that enters or exits my home network.

Perseverence took this picture of it's heat shield a split second after it separated during entry.

Very proud of my web-scraping server for staying booted up for an entire year. I was still going to the office when I turned this thing on.

Glad my OVH VPS was in Gravelines, not Strasbourg.

Fun fact: The camera is still unsecured at the same IP I found it at.

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