I ordered a swamp cooler to help deal with this summer heat, but now I worry it might have chosen one that was too big. Should have looked at their marketing materials before I hit buy.

If you live in or near , I am highly recommending that you go and see the movie "Fantasy A Gets A Mattress".

It is a charming indie film about Fantasy A, Seattle's undisputed king of hustle, getting a mattress.

A wonderfully absurdist depiction of Seattle that you are absolutely missing out on right now. Better cinematography that I was anticipating, and a hilarious performance from their local actors from beginning to end.

Tickets are still available here: thebeacon.film/calendar/movie/

This Politico headline is borderline irresponsible...

I found it.

I found the worst way to commute from to .

Why drive 45 minutes when you could fly for 9 hours with layovers in San Francisco and Portland?

I've been so busy working I forgot to mention, I'm in Manchester, England this week for business!

I'll have all day Saturday to do as I please, so if anyone who follows me lives in the area and wants to meet up for drinks or something, let me know. This city is fun, but having company is even more fun.

FYI to anyone interested in impersonating a bank employee.

It's just past midnight on a Wednesday morning, and I just got ChatGPT to say the funniest thing I've ever heard it say.

Customer to IT: "They asked us to set this thing up, but we're stumped. Can we get some advice?"

Decided to do another round of Keto after an entire year off.

Last time I dropped 40 pounds in about 3 months. Haven't lost a pound since. Figured it was time to give it another go.

Took me only 2 days of carb restriction to get back into ketosis. Hoping for another 30+ pounds before the Summer weather arrives!

I'm always a little taken aback by some of the scam items sold on Amazon, but these faux CBD gummies with 15 MILLION milligrams (33 pounds) of "hemp" per serving might be the most absurd one I've seen so far.

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