But there are absolutely rules on whether Google -- or anything else -- can use that search index to create a product that competes with the original content creators.

For example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authors_Guild,_Inc._v._Google,_Inc.

Google indexing of copyrighted works was considered "fair use" only because they only offered a few preview pages associated with each work. Google's web page excerpts and image thumbnails are widely believed to pass fair use under the same concept.

Now, let's say Google wants to integrate the content of multiple copyrighted works into an AI, and then give away or sell access to that AI which can spit out the content (paraphrased, in some capacity) of any copyrighted work it's ever seen. You'll even be able to ask it questions, like "What did Jeff Guin say about David Koresh's religious beliefs in his 2023 book, Waco?" and in all likelihood it will cough up a summary of Mr. Guinn's uniquely discovered research and journalism.

I don't think the legal questions there are settled at all.

Always fascinated by the choices made when you have to use a picture to represent something abstract. Not sure why I found this one so funny out of context.

(it's from my health insurance)

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pronouncing “tomatoes” so as to rhyme with “comatose”, and vice versa

Welcome aboard #nautical.social, the digital haven for everyone who feels the call of the open water. From weekend paddle-boarders, novice #boaters, liveaboards, seasoned #sailors, to old seafaring legends, we've dropped anchor here for you! This is your safe harbor in a much larger #fediverse.

#mastodon #boat #boating #sail #sailing

I highly recommend this album: music.scenesat.com/album/the-s

And the 6 volumes preceding it also.

Also, listen to SceneSat Radio, it's great.

VANTARADIO is now live!!!!! :VantaCat: 📻 🎶

tune into the recently-resurrected fediverse's favorite pirate radio station today!!!!!!!!!! 🏴‍☠️ 🎵 🔊


(be sure to use http and NOT https)

i usually do this for a great many hours so even if this was posted a while ago i'll probably still be live!!!

#vantaradio #nowplaying #music #radio

@LilHulkQ Trump only ever got one thing right, and that was calling this guy a meatball. Just look at him in this photo, it's spot-on.

@Njord One neat side-effect I'm learning testing it out today is that it seems to make my air conditioner more efficient.

I have a floor unit in my bedroom, and I put the swamp cooler in my kitchen, and the increased humidity turned my bedroom arctic.

Downside is that on a more humid day like today it just makes the rest of the apartment feel dank.


You definitely have to use them under the right conditions. I was skeptical at first if they would be worth anything in Seattle, but it really looks like a game of turning it on at the right time.

If it's humid or already cool, just use it as a fan. But really anything above 80F and below 60% humidity should have some effect

It should be 85F and 35% tomorrow, so that'll be its first real test. If it even knocks 5F off of my living room, that would be a welcome change.

The Netflix Depp v. Heard documentary is hilarious at face value. Faced with the writer strike, they just threw together a clip show based on a trial that everyone stopped caring about a season ago.

I watched the first episode just to see how bad it was. Not a single line of original dialog. Just a bunch of trial footage, news clips, and youtube highlights glued together.

Honestly, this does so much brand damage to them as documentary makers it can't be worth it.

I ordered a swamp cooler to help deal with this summer heat, but now I worry it might have chosen one that was too big. Should have looked at their marketing materials before I hit buy.

Here's my first pass at a logo for Calculated Geometry, Inc., a fictional computer animation studio founded in 1983 by Edgar Suarez and Gwendolyn Harvey, . Also known as CGI (or sometimes CalGeo), they lacked early investors, and cobbled together what they could with secondhand equipment bought from universities and other animation studios.

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