My greatest online honor (if you Google me).

Very proud of how thoroughly I've scrubbed myself from the web. Perfect opportunity for a rebrand!

Sometimes I'm worried the Internet has made me stupid. I've been trying to find an old book that is entirely too expensive to buy, but nobody has a digital copy of it to download. I've dug through every place I could think of looking for a scan (LibGen, Internet Archive, etc.).

Turns out the library down the street has it. I forgot about those...

I've been working on a Demoscene website. Massaged some data from a Pouet data dump and wrote some javascript that generates YouTube playlists of ~50 videos.

It's a work in progress, but I keep visiting my own site because it's a content goldmine.

And yes, there's Pouet TV, but mine's different, I promise.

Check it out:

Thinking about building my own homebrew Zoom Meeting Interrotron. Stare my meeting participants right in their eyes.

@JSkier I love that I know exactly what it sounded like when I took this screenshot. 🎧

marios ass from super mario odyssey has more triangles than the entirety of super mario 64

I am further haunted that someone who actually wants to work for Amazon, who made it all the way through the interview process and got a job offer, would accept the offer with something as impersonal as a one-line auto-response from their phone's notifications.

Maybe this is a subtle way Google tries to sabotage Amazon's recruitment, as if Amazon's work culture wasn't enough.

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Amazon just sent me an email about a job opening, and I'm not interested in it at all, but I did accidentally fat-finger the Gmail auto-response for "I accept this position", so I think I might work for Amazon now.

@thomasfuchs this happens to me every time I connect to gigabit wifi.

@jalefkowit I had the Archos Studio 10, and it was arguably the best music player I've ever owned. I remember downloading MP3s from Audiogalaxy and filling the drive up before a family vacation.

I had the rechargeables in the player, and a bag of alkaline AAs in a pinch.

There is a French company, Archos, that had the bad luck of inventing the future a little too early multiple times.

The first time was the Archos Jukebox, which they released in 2000. It was basically a hardware MP3 wrapped around a 2.5" 6GB hard drive. That was absolutely massive capacity at the time. (The original iPod, released more than a year later, only stored 5GB.)

Like most digital music players, it got absolutely clobbered by the iPod.

Check out this desktop screenshot of mine from 2005.

I have always been an advocate for using anonymous accounts online to keep your personal life and the online masses separate.

But those accounts are always just a temptation for me to argue and get frustrated with others, so I am now deleting most of my anonymous/pseudonymous identity for the sake of being a healthier person.

Expect me more here. I like how Mastodon gives me completely control over my identity, and lacks the right-wing agitators that ruin social media for me generally.

@JSkier It certainly does look shady. Not sure what that cat is up to.

The funniest part is that this is the frame I got when I discovered the camera. Lucky shot.


Just some guy with his cat in a bag outside of an apartment complex.

Camera is still open and unsecured, lol.

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