@halcy @zalasur I was actually a pretty avid user of Stadia, but they're refunding every single purchase I ever made, so I'm just going to end up going on a Steam shopping spree now.

Has anyone ever actually successfully burned a DVD-R DL or BD-R DL disc?

I'm not convinced it's actually possible. Never once in my life have I burned a multi-layer disc without a failure...

Fun discovery on the Internet Archive. Seattle traffic camera images from as far back as 2003!


Uber Investigating Breach of Its Computer Systems

> Uber’s computer network was breached on Thursday, leading the company to take several of its internal communications and engineering systems offline as it investigated the extent of the [compromise].

> Employees were instructed not to use the company’s internal messaging service, Slack, and found that other internal systems were inaccessible, said two employees, who were not authorized to speak publicly.


One day I just stopped listening to Spotify and started mostly listening to hollowearthradio.org/ and scenesat.com/ Internet radio.

I'd say my life has improved as a result.

@halcy If Revision is an in-person event next year, I'm hopefully buying tickets to Saarbrücken!

1 year goal: replace the word "spectator" in my bio. Gonna need to get better at coding first.

There are a lot of COVID-19/Quarantine inspired songs out there, but this one is the best I've heard so far: demozoo.org/music/292355/

Check out this desktop screenshot of mine from 2005.

Just updated my Twitter so that I can once again pretend I'm going to use it.

@SuricrasiaOnline I've been loving what you've posted so far. Better than most recent SCPs.

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