Amarok on Linux Mobile with Jellyfin integration would be a fantasy scenario. I have no idea if that is realistic though.

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I am actually quite excited about the return of @kde's media player. It was my media player of choice in the mid-2000's and made it possible for me to sync my iPod up to the music library on my Linux desktop.

I'm currently a user, but I have always missed Amarok.

3.0.1 (beta) is out now. There's definitely work to be done, but I should consider reading up on KDE's Testing/QA process to see if there's anything I can do to help.

I want to make a browser extension that changes the word "slammed" in news headlines to crazy hyperbolic things like "brutally disemboweled" or "roundhouse kicked into low earth orbit".

Would make the current state of news media a little bit more entertaining.

Fond memories of the Windows XP days, running through the PCs at Best Buy, opening Windows Media Player, playing "Like Humans Do" by David Byrne which was included with every copy of Windows, cranking the volume all the way up, and fullscreening the visualizer.

Those were excellent days. It's a shame it was before smartphones, because I would probably have a video of this.

@wtf If you were still on-the-fence on what to do with Grandma's ashes, look no further!

Just renewed my Sustainer membership with @calyxinstitute.

I don't know how I would survive without my little uncapped, unthrottled 5G hotspot.

I mostly work from home, and especially as the weather gets nice, it's invaluable to be able to go anywhere with my laptop and still get connected. No need to stare out the window on a sunny day wondering when I can end my day and go outside. I can just do my job at the park.

Say it with me everyone: "Convicted Felon Donald J. Trump"

I honestly didn't think he'd get his ass handed to him this hard. It rules!

Looking to spice my kitchen up.

What's a local (USA) food product that you can't live without, that can be bought online (Nationwide or beyond)?

Mine is "Hot Jawn" hot sauce, made in Central District Seattle, where I live. It's $10 and it goes great on everything:

@wxcafe For only $2,000 you can have your very own brain beam blaster, and the marketing images for it are really hard to take seriously.

@ohrenweide @KEXPMusicBot This is pretty cool, and seems to have data going back even further than what I have.

Still kinda neat to have access to 2GB of JSON data. I should be able to do things that this site isn't designed to do.

I am pretty sure that @KEXPMusicBot leverages this same API for what they're doing.

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I have already done a little bit of analytics on the data, and found ~600,000 unique tracks. Looks like there's maybe 5% junk data just looking at random samples.

Every play is timestamped, so I suppose I could do some year-by-year breakdowns of what played most. I have 2006-2023 fully captured in JSON format.

It is also classified by show, but I haven't figured out the key for the show IDs yet. Could have fun with that data, which also looks to be available via the API.

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So I noticed that the "now playing" info on the KEXP website comes from a paginated API endpoint that let's you see previously played songs as well as the currently playing track.

It was kinda neat to poke at it to see how far back I could go. You could just keep rewinding to see all the tracks that aired going pretty far back.

And just how far back was that? 2,650,000 tracks, all the way back to 2005.

I love finding little secret info holes like this. I scraped all that data up to play with.

New blog post! I take a look at the Yamaha MDP-10, a boombox that plays floppy disks, and my computer crashes while trying to play Sonic and Knuckles. Connection? You'll have to read it to find out

@stux Imagine what the world would look like if Frutiger Aero design aesthetics had become the standard.

I love it when Outlook doesn't auto-refresh the date, but does for some reason auto-refresh the time, showing me in my calendar view that I was supposed to be an an all-hands meeting 30 minutes ago (that was actually yesterday).

I love panicking for no reason first thing in the morning.

So next time someone dumps some ridiculous "just my opinion" statement, follow up with a "why?", because they'll likely go on to prove that their opinion wasn't worth respecting. Opinions, even pure opinions, can be based in BS and discarded.


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But what if someone answers "Vanilla! They don't want you to know this, but chocolate is made from geriatric dog feces from farms upstate where they send old dogs. Cocoa beans aren't even real, wake up sheeple! Chocolate is just dog shit!"?

Immediately you understand that the opinion of vanilla over chocolate in this context is based on an easily debunked conspiracy theory. That's enough for me to at least determine that this opinion is invalid, as it is rooted in a clear falsehood.


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