As a side note to , Saarbrücken, DE is a great place. Even on Easter Weekend, when everything is mostly closed, I got to see a lot of cool things outside of the .

Saarbrücken Castle was pretty cool, it is mostly a community center now but the Saar Museum next door let's you explore the now-capped castle moat, which was awesome. There's also some pretty serious history to learn there.

And lots of incredible old buildings/churches to admire.

Looking forward to returning.

A co-worker of mine couldn't believe I was going to . He's from there, never heard of Revision, and just didn't imagine anyone would go for fun.

Personally, I like the less touristy places.


Of course, I live in a touristy place (Seattle), so sometimes it's nice to just learn about a new place that only has a footnote a travel guild.

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@tml This was recommended to me, but I just never had the time to make it. I wish I had the time, but Revision was my highest priority.

I'll be back. Next time! That and the Deutsch-Französischer Garten.

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