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Demoscene Report July 2023 part 1 news and highlights from the #demoscene covering all related media and out of compo releases, plus some quick reviews of Pagadata, Posadas, Sommarhack, Edison and Lost Party.

Apparently in many parts of the UK, homes that face each other at the rear are required to be built 21 metres apart, and you'll never guess the reason why this rule exists.


If you can't get tickets while it's still playing, consider donating to their effort to submit this to every film festival they can:

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If you live in or near , I am highly recommending that you go and see the movie "Fantasy A Gets A Mattress".

It is a charming indie film about Fantasy A, Seattle's undisputed king of hustle, getting a mattress.

A wonderfully absurdist depiction of Seattle that you are absolutely missing out on right now. Better cinematography that I was anticipating, and a hilarious performance from their local actors from beginning to end.

Tickets are still available here:

Yeah, I know, context is everything, and there's virtually zero chance that anyone thinks we just dropped a literal H-bomb capable of reducing Europe to dust.

But c'mon now...

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This Politico headline is borderline irresponsible...

Anyone else thinking about all those fingers spending their last day of being attached to hand today?

Normalize moaning loudly as you enjoy a good meal.

Billionaire cage fights are a waste of everyone's time. It's time for a billionaire pistol duel.

Nothing quite illustrates the pure stupidity of Republicanism like the current push to end birthright citizenship.

This can only occur by Constitutional amendment, and would require 38 states to ratify it. AKA: not going to happen.

That Trump thinks he can do it via Executive Order is even more outrageous. These kinds of campaign promises just show that the GOP knows exactly how stupid their constituents are that they know this nonsense will earn them votes...

Decided to see what people were saying about the Titanic submersible on Twitter. Good lord people are stupid.

"Why doesn't it have GPS?" "Why doesn't it have a radio?" "If it has Starlink, why can't they get on the Internet?"

All those things are on the boat, not the submersible. Entirely too many people unable to process that these things aren't useful under a few feet of water, much less 2.5 miles of salt water.

This may be the best rebuttal of the "Pride should be family-friendly" argument that I've ever read.

Now with alt text!

I found it.

I found the worst way to commute from to .

Why drive 45 minutes when you could fly for 9 hours with layovers in San Francisco and Portland?

The Calyx Institute is excited to offer a new device: the Inseego MiFi X PRO! This 5G capable #hotspot includes an #ethernet port for tethering your favorite #router or device. Check it out as part of our #unlimited #wifi Sustainer membership here: #internet #privacy #mobile

Also, you can follow the @calyxinstitute on Mastodon. They do good things!

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