Decided to see what people were saying about the Titanic submersible on Twitter. Good lord people are stupid.

"Why doesn't it have GPS?" "Why doesn't it have a radio?" "If it has Starlink, why can't they get on the Internet?"

All those things are on the boat, not the submersible. Entirely too many people unable to process that these things aren't useful under a few feet of water, much less 2.5 miles of salt water.

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Even inches of water can foul up radio transmissions. I learned that when I first got a waterproof phone, Sony Xperia Z2....

@compuguy Many years ago I bought a waterproof FM radio that was supposed to be good for swimming.

It would lose reception as soon as it went under the water, even by an inch.

Completely useless device.

@Alex Agreed. Not sure why the manufacture thought making a waterproof radio for swimming was a good idea...🙄

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