Nothing quite illustrates the pure stupidity of Republicanism like the current push to end birthright citizenship.

This can only occur by Constitutional amendment, and would require 38 states to ratify it. AKA: not going to happen.

That Trump thinks he can do it via Executive Order is even more outrageous. These kinds of campaign promises just show that the GOP knows exactly how stupid their constituents are that they know this nonsense will earn them votes...

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@Alex Not to mention the fact that if we'd not had birthright citizenship since at least the Fourteenth Amendment, his youngest child would not be a U.S. citizen (Melanoma wasn't naturalized until after he was born), and there's at least some possibility that he might not be himself (it's not clear to me, without doing far more research than I care to into that odious man's even more odious family, that his grandmother ever was naturalized).

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