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I absolutely love this MODERNS music video animated by Peter Corina. It blows my mind that an artist that pumps out so many bangers remains relatively unknown.

Club Q shooting 

Not giving them the exposure by linking to the article or posting a screenshot, but I will note that the person who wrote the article looks like this:

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Club Q shooting 

Newsweek published an absolutely indefensible article about the "politicization" of the Club Q shooting, that basically pretends that right-wing homophobia and transphobia is a myth, and that a mass shooting at a gay club during a drag show was just a coincidence.

Complete trash written by someone who doesn't appear to meet the definition of a journalist in any capacity.

🤔 There was a time when the only way to *be* online was to be "terminally" online.

CW : Club Q shooting 

Tells you a lot that cops arrested the club-goers who actually stopped the shooter. Cops want us to be nothing more than easy victims, and they also hate people proving that they're only useful in protecting the same bigoted murderers that they are.

I'm honestly proud of myself for such an unhinged looking selfie. I hope this becomes the first picture people see when they Google my name.

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If you want to find out where a Mastodon instance is silenced/suspended, you can use this useful Google search string:

<instance domain> inurl:/about/more

where <instance domain> is the root domain of the instance you are checking.

You will get results from instances that have silenced/suspended the instance you are searching for, minus those with strict robot.txt or obfuscated domain names in the block list.

An informal measure of instance quality.

Introducing the first alpha release of Mastodon 3.11 for Workgroups!

Available for Windows 95 :BlobhajShock:

an important thing to learn when coming to mastodon is that free speech is a nonsense word and if you're a bad person you'll be banned. we're not corporations and we dont hold ourselves to the faux decorum that they do

you don’t have to like it but this is an incredible time to be online

Mastodon is my new home, but if you want to follow me elsewhere, check out

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