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8,096GB isn't even an actual data cap, it's just the largest POT number I could configure the hotspot to display.

If you want your own unmetered, unthrottled hotspot, you can get 13 months for as low as $400/year if you click my affiliate link:

It's tax deductible!

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Pretty neat how Jack saw Elon make an ass out of himself and decided that, instead of using the opportunity to rebrand himself the smart one, he would loudly declare "I also have shit for brains" and endorse an anti-vax grifter nepobaby for President.

I'm not a huge fan of image generating AIs like DALL-E. They do seem to be entirely a novelty, and I have trouble imagining a useful case for this kind of thing. It just cheapens visual arts by making them soulless and weird.

For writing technical documents and reports, GPT is a nice tool for massaging content into the right format, but DALL-E just automates human creativity in a way that removes the humanity...

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I've finally stopped seeing generative AI as a novelty, and really leaned into the useful things I can make it do.

My current favorite is writing documents in markdown, and asking ChatGPT for feedback. It's surprisingly good at offering advice and reviewing my next draft as I write a document.

If I ask it to rewrite a document, I save the returned markdown into a separate file and diff it with the original. Really amazing the little changes it makes.

This is what you get without an HOA. We have one place in our neighborhood that isn’t governed by the HOA and this is what we get as a neighbor.

Measuring my age in Hexadecimal from now on. Yeah, that's right, I'm 22.

I've been so busy working I forgot to mention, I'm in Manchester, England this week for business!

I'll have all day Saturday to do as I please, so if anyone who follows me lives in the area and wants to meet up for drinks or something, let me know. This city is fun, but having company is even more fun.

FYI to anyone interested in impersonating a bank employee.

Next week I'm traveling for work for the first time since before the Pandemic, and I'm headed to the UK!

Farthest i've travelled for work so far, and it's for a pretty exciting project too.

It's just past midnight on a Wednesday morning, and I just got ChatGPT to say the funniest thing I've ever heard it say.

We very rarely have lightnings in the Seattle area, so last night I was happy to finally capture a good show.
This shot made it to the local news (see comment).

#lightning #Seattle #Washington #PNW #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt

#Prints and various items:

Customer to IT: "They asked us to set this thing up, but we're stumped. Can we get some advice?"

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