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I feel like if China can fly a spy balloon over the US without the military immediately noticing, we're pretty much guaranteed to lose a war with them should that ever happen.

"The size of three buses" is more than enough to hoist a nuke over the US.

Why have ICBMs when you can hover your bombs right over their targets?

The military would basically be liked "Sir, radar has picked up som..." *BOOM*

it seems obvious from how easily these geologists were tricked that geology is fake, and rocks don't exist

there are #QR #code #posters here in #Melbourne for #reporting #graffiti to the #council - and #someone has been #printing their own and #carefully #placing them over the #official ones
they lead to a #documentary on #hiphop/graffiti #culture
it's perfect #because the QR posters are #uglier than any bit of #street #art

If Newsmax wanted to be on DirecTV, they wouldn’t have asked for carriage fees. Point of matter.

Very proud of my fitness accomplishments.

I average 150 miles of walking per month!

One of those music recognition services that works with humming, but for 90's MIDI files so I can find a file I really liked from my childhood.

@Alex Do you want to know why?

Because they get up to 50% comission regardless if customers get scammed or return the product.

#Amazon's interests are aligned against it's customers.
Not just #consumers, but same goes with #B2B customers:

The best part about working from home is access to my kitchen.

I'm pretty proud of my ability to cook, and I live right by a grocery story, so rather than hit a local restaurant with coworkers like I used to, I can just make a quick shopping trip, throw together a recipe, and have a high-quality meal for pennies on the dollar from my old pre-2020 habits.

There are good restaurants in my neighborhood too, but it's nice to keep leveling up my culinary skills!

Amazing that Amazon has billions of dollars of computing infrastructure, is diving head-first into machine learning and AI, and yet you can search "16TB SSD" on their storefront and find countless options under $50 because they really don't give a single shit if their customers are getting scammed.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to investigate .eth domains.

Not interested in actually using them, or owning one, just wanted to see how they work.

Conclusion: They don't actually work. You either need a special browser, or a browser extension, and they redirect you elsewhere on the actual web.

Literally no way to actually host anything at those domains. Nothing after the '/' will ever do anything.

Web3 is such a joke. I can't believe anyone actually takes it seriously.

Apparently people don't just like emulated calculators in the browser - they love it, and want more.

So come enjoy the CALCULATOR DRAWER, a dozen plus emulated calculators and (where I could find them) the manuals. Get calculating!

RE-PC, a used electronics shop in , uses inventory bins from Incredible Universe for parts management.

Incredible Universe went out of business 26 years ago!

I have vague memories of visiting one in Atlanta when I was a kid.


"Pro-life" is a Republican lie.

Republicans are pro-death penalty.
Republicans are against child vaccination.
Republicans took away the child tax credit.
Republicans oppose school lunches.
Republicans oppose maternal health care like pre-natal vitamins.
Republicans oppose adequately funded foster care.
Republicans oppose the agency and autonomy of women.



i always forget

vanta's #1 tech tip

when you get frustrated, smoke weed and come back when you're in a better headspace

it's not even a tech tip

at this point it's just a life tip lol

it applies to more than just linux bullshit

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NEW: The federal No Fly List was exposed on an open server discovered by a security researcher last week.

The list, which was being stored by the US airline CommuteAir, contained over 1.5 million rows of data including names, aliases, & birth dates.

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