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“Trigger” at one point was a useful psychological term, but now it pretty much means “eliciting mockery or bafflement.”

Found are really pretty place to work for a few hours today. Got complements on my Zoom Background during meetings, just for people to start realizing it was real.

I visited the Superstition Mountains last week with my wife and parents!

Photo credit: My mom

The classified documents found in Biden's possession are certainly not worth ignoring, but the important part is that Biden did this by accident, while Trump did this on purpose.

Biden was negligent, Trump was malicious.

I hate choosing between negligent and malicious, but I'd definitely choose negligent.

I absolutely love this MODERNS music video animated by Peter Corina. It blows my mind that an artist that pumps out so many bangers remains relatively unknown.

An artist I like, Carface, released a for their song Whitelines 5½ years post-release, and it's pretty fun.

GOP lawmakers move to criminalize Arizona drag shows that aren’t adults-only
Arizona Republican legislators have turned their ire on drag performances in the ongoing culture wars against the LGBTQ community, proposing several new laws that would severely limit where and how often they can take place.
#Tucson #Arizona

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The Paradox of Tolerance disappears if you look at tolerance, not as a moral standard, but as a social contract.

If someone does not abide by the contract, then they are not covered by it.

In other words: The intolerant are not following the rules of the social contract of mutual tolerance.

Since they have broken the terms of the contract, they are no longer covered by the contract, and their intolerance should NOT be tolerated.

#Tolerance #Intolerance #Meme #Memes

I’ve had a lot of worrying conversations with MSPs over the last two months that’s really led me to despair.

I had one CEO genuinely take offence when I pointed out their obligations under HIPAA. He thought he’d washed his hands of it by getting a client to sign a contract. Not really how the law works.

It’s a worrying trend I’ve found doing consultancy work for MSPs too. Way too common, and becoming more common as anyone with a WordPress site and a 365 tenant can become one.

Not all MSPs are bad. Two recent audits impressed me through 5 frameworks. One had no advisories, and one had one minor OT noncompliance and a clever little security design I’d never seen before that we’ve actually since ‘borrowed’ for our own organisation.

And this is the mixed bag we have. One company would put the Pentagon to shame and others don’t have MFA enabled on admin accounts, operating in the same sphere.

Good morning everyone happy terrific Tuesday. I love you all. Owwwwww yip yip

Seattle Public Schools have filed a new lawsuit against #socialmedia giants including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram alleging they’ve “successfully exploited the vulnerable brains of youth” for profit, with psychological tactics that have led to a #MentalHealth crisis in schools.

We reported on how social media contributes to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in young people. And how use of it can have lasting ramifications for teen girls and boys.

lol, I'm streaming movies from my home server, via SSH, over a satellite connection, from an airplane.

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