If you live in or near , I am highly recommending that you go and see the movie "Fantasy A Gets A Mattress".

It is a charming indie film about Fantasy A, Seattle's undisputed king of hustle, getting a mattress.

A wonderfully absurdist depiction of Seattle that you are absolutely missing out on right now. Better cinematography that I was anticipating, and a hilarious performance from their local actors from beginning to end.

Tickets are still available here: thebeacon.film/calendar/movie/

I found it.

I found the worst way to commute from to .

Why drive 45 minutes when you could fly for 9 hours with layovers in San Francisco and Portland?

RE-PC, a used electronics shop in , uses inventory bins from Incredible Universe for parts management.

Incredible Universe went out of business 26 years ago!

I have vague memories of visiting one in Atlanta when I was a kid.

Wife has work today, and I don't. I think I might take an extremely long walk today. is such a great place to explore on foot.

Hey, outdoorsy folks. I recently found a nascent web community for hikers and nature appreciators in the area, and so far it looks like there's only two members: The admin, and myself.

I'd love to see this community take off. Despite the PNW being a hot spot for outdoors activities, there is a void to fill for this kind of thing online.

Give them a visit at: seattlenaturalist.org

I love how moss keeps the parks green in the winter! Here's a new shot from Leschi Park in .

I'll be impressed if I can even post this, but the Internet here in is just awful.

My fiber line is down, and my backup cellular connection is not doing well.

Getting in on the trend with some pics I took on my walk after work today at Frink Park & Leschi Park in .

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