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RE-PC, a used electronics shop in , uses inventory bins from Incredible Universe for parts management.

Incredible Universe went out of business 26 years ago!

I have vague memories of visiting one in Atlanta when I was a kid.

Found are really pretty place to work for a few hours today. Got complements on my Zoom Background during meetings, just for people to start realizing it was real.

I visited the Superstition Mountains last week with my wife and parents!

Photo credit: My mom

A highlight in history:

On January 16, 2005, blehbot, the first and only IRC bot running on the Unununium experimental Operating System, goes live on the chat room on

To be clear, I have nothing against sex work or sex workers, it's just funny that Facebook paid me $10 to help them decide the relevancy of an ad for handjobs, which I assume is not allowed by the TOS.

I couldn't decide if it was relevant though, because they seem to be ignoring the language preferences I already provided them.

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Occasionally Facebook pays me to do little tasks via their "Viewpoints" program. Usually it's stuff like sentiment analysis, voice recognition training, or opinion surveys, but today they were just fucking with me.

Your friendly holiday reminder that the Whos in Whoville get freaky this time of year.

Just now learning about the Quiffice QX120 Opvouwbare laptop table.

Finally, a standing desk for mobile workers.

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