So I noticed that the "now playing" info on the KEXP website comes from a paginated API endpoint that let's you see previously played songs as well as the currently playing track.

It was kinda neat to poke at it to see how far back I could go. You could just keep rewinding to see all the tracks that aired going pretty far back.

And just how far back was that? 2,650,000 tracks, all the way back to 2005.

I love finding little secret info holes like this. I scraped all that data up to play with.

I have already done a little bit of analytics on the data, and found ~600,000 unique tracks. Looks like there's maybe 5% junk data just looking at random samples.

Every play is timestamped, so I suppose I could do some year-by-year breakdowns of what played most. I have 2006-2023 fully captured in JSON format.

It is also classified by show, but I haven't figured out the key for the show IDs yet. Could have fun with that data, which also looks to be available via the API.

I am pretty sure that @KEXPMusicBot leverages this same API for what they're doing.

@Alex @KEXPMusicBot

There is already a nice frontend for analysis:

Enjoy the 🎶 music❣️


@ohrenweide @KEXPMusicBot This is pretty cool, and seems to have data going back even further than what I have.

Still kinda neat to have access to 2GB of JSON data. I should be able to do things that this site isn't designed to do.

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