"Free as in beer" means "gratis"? C'mon now, 99.9% of the beers I've had in my life cost me money. I propose we start saying "Free as in air". Air hasn't really ever cost me anything, and climate change hasn't changed that yet.

"Free as in speech" at least makes sense.

@Alex Though in one of Heinlein's novels (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress), that was a plot point - air wasn't free to the Loonies.

Can't say as I've ever heard the expression "Free as in beer," though.


@hxresistance "Free as in beer" vs "free as in speech" seem to be the favorite terms the FOSS community uses to describe the difference between not paying for software vs having liberty to do whatever you want with the software.

I've never heard these concepts compared elegantly, and admittedly have trouble coming up with an alternative explanation myself, given that most FOSS is free in both ways.

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