Given that I am at a Demoparty, I suppose I should work on my website that I haven't updated in a year.

I just updated the playlist content on, I might fuck around and see what kinds of improvements I can make over the weekend.

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@halcy Excellent Wii U demo! Thanks for the shout-out!

@Alex don’t know if you left yet, but I didn’t find you before going to the bus, so have a good trip, was great meeting you! Also slightly surreal!

@halcy It was great meeting you after all this time. Let's definitely say in touch more frequently. I spent a couple hours at E-Werk this morning for Prizegiving, but I had to head out for final Saarbrücken plans before I left.

I'm on the train to Paris now! I will probably see you at another Revision in the future. I am hooked on it now.

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