Heading to E-Werk Saarbrücken for in a about an hour. Looking forward to The Meteorik's and Shader Showdown qualifiers the most today.

First time at Revision after nearly a decade of watching from afar. I enjoy a good convention, but during the pandemic Revision was the only remote event that was actually fun.

First ever Demoparty, actually. America doesn't really do this kind of thing for some reason. Closest I've done is Defcon, which while fun, isn't the same at all.

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I have arrived! Amazing that I already know this place thanks to Sofa World.

@Alex there are some long running smaller demoparties like @party in Boston, MA. So you should definitely consider visiting the local parties if you have a chance! Have fun at Revision! :)

@mrautio @party I will need to check that out. I have also considered the Revision Satellite at the Bloop Museum.

@Alex You chose wisely, Revision is one of the better demoparties for sure.

Enjoy! I'll be watching the stream.

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