Disappointed in tech media for not using the term "dogfooding" to describe Apple's Scary Fast keynote event produced entirely with iPhones and Macs.

@Alex Me, I hate the term. "I'm also a client" makes sense -- for a product for humans. Dogs don't make dogfood. Humans eating food they made for dogs, how's that supposed to give confidence in their biz? Do they even realize they're not the same species?!


@calicoday Apparently it's a reference to the Kal Kan pet food company, whose president used to eat dog food at shareholder meetings to prove that he stood by it's quality.

Then Microsoft ran with it, which makes sense because their marketing during the 80's and 90's was regularly unhinged.

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@Alex I remember the Kal Kan thing (don't recall MS but I didn't notice PC ads then). It just such empty, craven, advertising schtick. I demand to be manipulated with better poetry!

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