One of my favorite aspects of Mastodon is that hardly anybody wants to fight. On other social networks, being disagreed with often comes with being harassed, but I hardly ever see that here. People are way more open to discussion when there's a disagreement, and are far more level-headed when somebody does something that the community dislikes. Even when I've seen "dogpiles", people remained civil, despite being blunt.

I've pretty much sworn off of all of social media except for here now.

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@Alex The trolls still exist here, but when they are reported, they're GONE. It's amazing. I do use the block button liberally here, but that's the case on every network I'm on.

@Alex : Mastodon has built that reputation, and most people (not all, sadly) try to uphold it. I've noticed it's an object of pride for a lot of users here to be "above" other platforms, so they try a little bit harder.

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