The craziest thing about Keto is discovering new healthy recipes. I just made perfectly delicious French Toast, but it was 95 calories and 1g carbs per slice.

Useful for Keto, but also I'm sticking with this recipe, because I Iove French Toast but never eat it because typically it's an absolute calorie bomb.

Stuff like this is the only reason I haven't gained any weight back in the year since I last did Keto.

@hankg just a standard recipe, but I used keto bread, unsweetened coconut milk, and sugar free syrup.

@Alex I figured out a version as well.

Keto bread is net 1 carb per slice, suger replacement is zero, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla.

I tried the "keto bread" from Aldi but I couldn't hold it down. By the third bite I couldn't even swallow the stuff. I was probably meant to be fat.

@lori I really like the Franz keto bread, but that might only be available on the west coast / PNW.

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