Returned to Reddit for some reason for the first time in years, and I'm not sure if I've just become a better person since I was last there, but the toxicity over there is just awful. Not sticking around...

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@Alex I've never found reddit that bad but just now, I realized I don't really 'go to reddit' but read specific posts out of web searches. And pretty much only 'how do I [accomplish some specific quest] in [some years-old video game]' -- and for THAT it's invaluable. 😂

@calicoday Yeah, I go to Reddit fairly often for that kind of thing. Basically a worse version of StackExchange.

But I created an account and tried to get back into the discourse recently, and had a way worse experience than I've had in the past.

The one thing that seems to have changed is that violent and harassing comments actually seem to get admin attention now.

I guess the toxicity has the admins seeing the writing on the wall for the future of their site. Probably too late though.

@Alex Interesting. I've debated trying 'get into the discourse' (any place; I'm very isolated currently) and considered reddit. I wonder if you see any pattern difference when posts are task-oriented and not? The posts I hit are of course by and for people who want to help and it's just a game. But IRL, I've always found it's the more open-ended discussion where more negative people can get momentum going. Sigh. People are so difficult. 😿

lot of the twitter people are ending up there again.

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