What's with email newsletters always telling me it might take weeks to process my unsubscribe request?

It's a database, just remove me from it. It takes literally milliseconds.

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@Alex usually it’s a third party database and unsubscribes are batch processed on a cronjob

@Alex sending email is hard so people farm that stuff out to third parties who don’t operate like that.

@Alex That's what happens. But bulk email sending is a long drawn out process sending in batches to avoid spam filters, and the next newsletter (or two!) might already be in flight. It's unlikely you'll get another email more than a day from now though.

@dbt Ah yes, I forget about the series of tubes.

@Alex They are required to follow the law (I'm not a lawyer, but I have some familiarity with CANSPAM) and so they often delay as long as they are legally allowed to.

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