I used to be an annual pass member at Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), and one of the perks was getting to skip ahead of the general admission line for day passes.

Showed up one day to see a new exhibit, and got assaulted by a Karen who was absolutely furious that I "skipped her and her whole family" in the general admission line.

She got escorted away by security in front of her family, and I got a bunch of free shit.

10/10, would skip in line again. Renewing next time I go.

@Alex That's the best goddamned endorsement I've ever seen. I'll keep an eye out for new exhibits that look cool, and if this don't happen I'll be quite sad


@ahorsewearsajortsofcourse MoPOP is a consistently excellent experience. I maintained a membership from back when it was called the Experience Music Project (EMP) and only lapsed during the pandemic.

One of the few tourist spots that I enjoy coming back to repeatedly as a local.

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