There's lots of Twitter users that have migrated here recently, and a good chunk of them have discovered the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter, which means your timeline is probably littered with sloppy looking retweets.

And you can rid yourself of them with this one simple filter:

Okay, some notes since I didn't test this exhaustively before I posted about it:

The filter above works pretty well, but I found it to be a bit more effective to fitler "RT" without the "@", and the also filter "", which will also filter any link to Twitter.

But if you're here to get away from Twitter, that should really do the trick.

@ameliashowalter I am discovering that this isn't a perfect solution, but I'm working on improving the formula.

Seems not to work when you use the app...

Better than nothing tho.

@Alex I wish there were a way to filter out the RTs and yet also grant exceptions for a very few particular people who seem to be cross-posting responsibly 😁

@Alex I'm using Tusky and have set up filter but still see some spammy posts. Any ideas to set up filters correctly on this app please?

@Alex Think I've sorted it put into Home option for it to work 👍

@Alex ehrmagerd thank you! For suggesting this. So annoying

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