Folks on the birdsite are going wild after I shared this absolutely legendary response to a Nazi by @Gargron

I'll take this guy over Musk any day!

@Alex man i had a really infuriating interaction on here w someone who isn’t “worried about being exposed to Nazis” or whatever, and, well, i’m personally just glad that not only is @Gargron on top of it, but fediverse moderators are on top of it too. already much better than already existing realities with other sites. hats off

@Alex @Gargron I have seem some alt-right people on here which honestly, I'm not surprised and I'm happy that you can block the domain as well which I done on copule

@Alex @Gargron Also, nazi/fascist/alt-right/etc instances aren't silenced, they're just ignored by other instances. Nobody is going to prevent them from using the software to make their soapbox, it's just that nobody is going to walk by the corner they're standing on. Even if it wasn't bigotry, free speech doesn't mean listening to it is mandatory.

LB: Also what I love about this is, like, if you want to run a nazi instance you can (please don’t, and seriously reconsider some of the life choices you made), and you can federate with others. You can do the whole free speech thing! It’s just very clear a lot of people don’t want to listen to you (circling back to the point of reconsidering life choices)

@Alex @Gargron “That bullshit doesn’t work on me man.” 😝 😂 😜
❤️ 👏 ❤️

@Alex @Gargron it’s sad that political discourse has fallen to a level where it’s impossible to agree even on the most basic things and claims are made in bad faith. There’s a need for more discussion about politics than ever before (climate etc.) but it seems that it’s harder and harder in practice. It was never clean but nowadays it seems to be completely poisoned.

@ooqaarx @Alex @Gargron just so I understand you: are you saying you would like a calm and evidence based discussion over whether the alt-right are nazis? Because I am here for you.

@Alex Yes! That tweet is how I found you and began following you here. I’ve been starting slow on Mastodon, but paying attention to who is talking about it on Twitter helps me find new people here to follow. May be the best use of Twitter currently!

@Alex @Gargron just saw it on Twitter, shared it there and here. Love it. Thanks!

@Alex @Gargron just joined from twitter. Thx for posting this information!

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@Alex @Gargron Thank you for this. This made me actually tear up. I needed to see this after a lifetime of having to deal with assorted racists and fascists.

@Alex @Gargron I finally found it, something on social media that I actually find "relatable" 😆 "that bullshit doesn't work on me man" is exactly where I'm at in regards to so much.

I understand your point of view, but I think this approach does you a disservice: not seeing them any more in order to remain "among ourselves", among civilised, open (except to nauseating ideas), multiculturalist people, etc... does not prevent them from recruiting. Calling them Nazis when they are convinced that it is a permanent Godwin point will not make them question themselves.

In France most of those who join the far right do so out of ignorance and non-conformity. They see the same caricatures depicting the "extreme left" without ever being able to question this analysis, since hermetic bubbles isolate them, on all social networks.
(Translated from French by deepl)

@Alex @Gargron

I'll continue in french, and un-mention the others in next toot ^^

Ok mais autoriser les discussions préférées des nazis ça ne fonctionne pas. En + ici on parle "d'alt-right", pas de personnes "légèrement à droite"

C'est bien la personne qui s'enferme dans sa bulle et qui au final choisis les nazis aux autres.

J'aime beaucoup cette vidéo (en anglais)

La conclusion, c'est que les techniques sont connues. Mais les contrer est chronophage


@Gargron @Alex @JulienD if you feel like your life’s mission is deprogramming cult members then you do you; most of us just don’t want to engage with them on a daily basis.

I don't see that as a life's mission, I just mean isolating them is not efficient.
Other social networks (Twitter, Facebook), accentuate the social bubbles, mastodon does worse by being fully hermetic.
I think we should just be able to choose if we want to see only people who share our point of view, or also people with who we could have strong disagreements.
@Gargron @Alex

@Gargron @JulienD @Alex you’re welcome to join an alt-right instance if you want to get exposed to them. That’s the magic of federation.

This is caricature. Not wanting them to be hidden doesn't mean I would like to spend all my time with them.
Especially since joining an alt-right instance would isolate me from "normal" people.
Please try to answer to my point of view and not to the straw man you're making out of it.
@Gargron @Alex

@JulienD @mariusz @Gargron you can always start your own instance that doesn't defederate. Complaining doesn't make sense, nobody has ultimate authority here.

As I said, I understand your point, I disagree (not a big deal), creating my own instance is not a solution, closing your eyes is just an illusion.
@mariusz @Gargron

@Alex @Gargron
That's exactly my point about the benefits of the #fediverse. The racists, cranks, conspiracy theorists, budget nazis will all congregate to servers where they are welcome, and no longer be able to brigade, pollute or distort the public discourse among others.

@Alex @Gargron Here's the thing. Negativity (however you define it) always start with an innocent question. Then you give an honest answer and after that the bs starts running. Eugen knows this and that's why that last response of him is the best response you can give.

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