lol, so it turns out a Mastodon server can run out of space (of course it can).

Time to migrate stuff over to S3 so that I don't do this again. This was a rookie mistake, and I should probably feel bad.

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@Alex you can clean the cache data, here I'm leaving the last 30 days of data in disk until we move for production.

@gutocarvalho Yeah, I figured it out eventually, but Linux really hates it when you have zero disk free.

I'm hosted in DigitalOcean, so I'll just migrate it over to Spaces.

@Alex tootctl media remove —days=30

digitalocean spaces, cool ;)

@Alex I’m still runing inside my office infrastructure until a get more exp with the server and the configuration, but I’ll move it in the near future to another place with more resources.

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